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Hauskonzert # 24

27. Oktober, 20 Uhr, Halle 6, 10 Euro Eintritt
mit Adrian Fiskum Myhr (NO) - db
und Jonas Cambien (BE) - piano

Jonas Cambien & Adrian Fiskum Myhr plays freely improvised acoustic music. Both musicians use alternative playing techniques and prepares their instruments with objects to have a wide specter of sounds to improvise with. The music has a percussive focus and varies between being dense with many rhythmic layers on top of each other to being open and meditative. With an energetic presence the duo creates a varied soundscape rich on details.

Video from a concert in 2015

Eine Veranstaltung von KlangBüro und Halle 6 in Zusammenarbeit mit GNU Records & Publishing, unterstützt vom Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München und dem Bezirk Oberbayern.

Earlier Event: October 16
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