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Inspiration Breakfast on Holochain with Matthew Schutte, OuiShare

Inspiration Breakfast on Holochain with Matthew Schutte
von OuiShare am 19. April von 10 bis 13 Uhr in der Halle 6

If the internet revolved around people instead of companies, what might that make possible?  
Let’s get some cutting edge tech inspiration in the morning and come over to our Inspiration Breakfast on Holochain. We have the honour to have Matthew Schutte with us. Matthew is the Director of Communications for Holo, where his team has created a new framework for truly peer-to-peer applications.
In the past couple weeks Tech-Giants like Facebook crumble under the pressure of public Distrust for selling user data. The internet gets more and more privatized in the US and China's government even separates its users from the open net. The Concept of Holo-Chain, a user centered approach of handling your own Data the way the you want and need it, is a step everyone can take towards a more innovative, adaptive and legitimate World Wide Web.

About Holochain
The Holochain architecture puts each user in control of their data, their applications, and the way those applications connect to one another. Matthew speaks about the ways that this new user-centered approach to digital communication enables more innovative and adaptable organizations. Inspired by the design patterns of natural living systems, Holochain applications are faster, more scalable and 10,000 times cheaper than Blockchain approaches. The first “killer app” being built on Holochain is Holo, an incentive hosting marketplace where anyone with spare computing capacity can earn crypto-currency by providing processing and storage services to other users. Hosts can run Holo in the background on their laptop or can dedicate a full machine such as a HoloPort to perform work on Holo. Holochain’s lightweight infrastructure allows for economically viable accounting for microtransactions such as the small “pay to compute” transactions common in the Holo system. Holo launched a 60 day $200k crowdfunding campaign on December 5th and passed their goal within the first 4 days, becoming the top trending project on Indiegogo in the process. Alongside that crowdfund, Holo is currently in a $2.5 million Initial Community Offering.

About Matthew Schutte
Prior to Holo, Matthew graduated from Berkeley Law School, served as the managing director of an angel investment firm, and has given talks on topics such as “How to Balance Privacy and Transparency in a Digitally Connected World.” In addition, Matthew works on the design of distributed identity infrastructures and occasionally surfs 50-foot waves at the world-famous Mavericks in Northern California.

What are you waiting for?
Get in touch with an expert on the subject and other interested people at our Inspiration Breakfast on Holochain. 
The event will be in English. We will take care of everything the breakfast needs - a donation box will be provided at the event if you would like to contribute.